Young Dolph’s Net Worth 2023: Salary, Career

The unfortunate star, the Young Dolph dead at the peak of his career and achieved success in his short life. According to estimates, Young Dolph’s net worth was $3 million. His first studio album King of Memphis ranked 49 on Billboard. His other hit song “Cut It” reached number 35 on the Billboard 100. He released a number of studio albums and mixtapes over time.

His young life has been difficult. During his time, he becomes one of the world’s greatest celebrities. A tragic accident occurred on November 17, 2021, which resulted in the death of young Dolph at the age of 35. Let’s explore Young Dolph’s net worth, age, wife, height, weight, songs, family, cars, and more.

Net Worth of Young Dolph 2023

When Young Dolph died, he had a net worth of $3 million. In addition to album sales, mixtape sales, and recording sales, he also performs live. Dolph also reportedly made nearly $1 million by performing his songs at gigs and events for which he was paid. As a YouTuber, he makes money through his official account Young Dolph.

Net Worth of Young Dolph 2023
Name:Young Dolph’s
Height:188 cm in meters- 1.88 m in feet & inches- 6′ 2”
Date of Birth:(July 27, 1985 
Net Worth:$3 Million
Nationality: American

Also, he made headlines by spending $20,000 on two baristas fired for playing his song Get Paid on the job. Moreover, he was an active philanthropist. In collaboration with the Ida Mae Family Foundation, he and his record label launched a long-term campaign to provide food and clothing to those in need in Memphis. His wealth was also enhanced by his ownership of numerous cars and a large house. 

Early life|Family

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 11th, 1985. He was given the legal name Adolph Thronton Jr. by his parents. He has two sisters and two brothers in his siblings. His family moved from the countryside to Memphis when he was a child.

Young Dolph's Net Worth

Both of his parents smoked heavily and were addicted to the habit. One of the lyrics in one of his songs, “Preach,” says “Mama constantly in the streets, so guess who raised me?”

He was actually talking about when his parents used to smoke when they walked around the neighborhood. As a child, he focused primarily on music. The loss of his grandma in 2008 deeply touched him. To express his feelings and thoughts, he sang raps and listened to music.

Young Dolph Death

It was reported that Young Dolph was the target of gunfire when up to 100 shots were fired in Charlotte, North Carolina everyone got shocked by this news. He remained hospitalized for two weeks. Others speculated that Yo Gotti might have been involved in the assault.

Young Dolph's Net Worth

Although Yo Gotti was listed as a subject of interest, he was soon exonerated. A second album by Young Dolph was named Bulletproof based on the event. Young Dolph was tragically killed in a gunshot incident on November 17, 2021, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Professional Life

He started his career when he was 20 years old. A lung cancer diagnosis caused his grandmother’s death in 2008. Hence, Dolph started his career at a young age and increased his popularity internationally. Through singing, he expressed his emotions and feelings.

Young Dolph's Net Worth

After the mixtape became popular, he began learning more about music. In addition to mixtapes and songs such as “South Memphis Kingpin,” “A Time 2 Kill,” “High-Class Street Music,” and “Blue Magic,” he was also a part of OT Genesis’s 2015 hit song “Cut It.”

King of Memphis was his debut album, released in 2016. It received high praise from critics. Billboard 200’s US chart ranked King of Memphis 49th. In 2017 he came up with a new album “Bulletproof which is ranked 36th Number on US billboards. He recently released ‘Rich Crack Baby’ and ‘Gelato’ before his death. Both albums were ranked 132 on the US Billboard 200 and 54 on the Canadian Billboard 200.

His fifth studio album, Role Model, peaked at 15th on the US Billboard 200, the highest position of any of his works. Young Dolph’s sources of income are YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. He earned millions of followers on social media. He has 1.79M subscribers on youtube. YouTube’s money calculator estimates that Young Dolph’s YouTube channel has made more than $3 million.

Age, Height, And Weight

  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Height: 6ft,02 inches
  • Weight:78Kg

Songs| Albums

  • Talking To My Scale
  • Hold Up
  • 100 Shots
  • By Mistake
  • Foreva
  • On The River

Personal life| Wife

Young Dolph's Net Worth

The relationship between Young Dolph and his girlfriend Mia Jaye began in the year 2012 when the two met. The couple has a son Tre and a daughter Ari. They never got married.

Young Dolph’s Cars and Houses

As a wealthy and famous rapper, Young Dolph owns some luxury cars. He displayed his expensive vehicles in a video. A list of car collections is given below:

  • G-Wagon
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Wraith

In light of the wealth Young Dolph possesses, his house is probably more expensive than the average person’s. Due to the popularity of real estate as an investment vehicle, he owned several houses. In Memphis, he owned more than 100 houses.

FAQs of Young Dolph’s Net Worth

Who is Young Dolph?

He was an American rapper who died at age of 35.

Is Young Dolph dead?

Yes, unfortunately, he died on 17 November 2021 from gunfire.

How old is Young Dolph?

When he died, he was 35 years old.

How much is  Young Dolph’s net worth?

He had a $3 million net worth when he died.


Young Dolph was a famous rapper who died in the tragedy. He invested heavily in real estate and owned more than 100 houses. Young Dolph was a singer and songwriter. He was also the founder of the label named Paper Route Empire. Following the release of King of Memphis in 2016, Young Dolph released numerous mixtapes. Young Dolph held a $3 million net worth when he passed away.

Young Dolph died at an early age of 35 years. Rap music was an iconic and inspiring form of expression for him. He fostered a love for rap music in his community and even abroad. His death was a terrible loss to the art community, especially to his family and friends. The loss of someone so young is difficult for anyone to accept. We hope that he will be remembered forever through the songs he played and wrote while living among us.

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