R Kelly Net Worth [2023]: Salary, Career, Achievements

R Kelly’s total net worth is at present accepted to be near – 2 million dollars. R. Kelly has been one of the most influential and talented musicians in contemporary music history. In the past few years, he has been embroiled in many controversies that have caused his net worth to plummet.

The Chicago Police Department is investigating R Kelly for allegations that he abused four underage girls while filming his music video “I Believe I Can Fly.” The investigation began after one of the victims reported being sexually assaulted at age 16 by Kelly in 2001 while she was recording their music video together in Miami Beach.

The two women who sued him were not paid a settlement because they did not want to discuss what happened during their sexual encounters with Kelly. In addition, four other women came forward claiming they had similar experiences with him and an ex-wife stated that he had physically assaulted her during their marriage.

What is the Net Worth of R Kelly?

R. Kelly is a most popular and skilled singer, lyricist, record maker, and performer. His songs are known for their socially conscious lyrics and catchy melodies. He gained his recognition when he released his debut album ‘Born Into the 90’s’ which was certified double platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in 1999.

What is the Net Worth of R Kelly?
Name:R. Kelly
Monthly Income:$13,888.89
Date of Birth:Jan 8, 1967 (55 years old)
Profession:Singer-songwriter, record producer
Net Worth:-$1.3 Million
Height:1.85m (6′ 1″)
Nationality: American

He has influenced numerous artists from all over the globe including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Jackson, and many others. R Kelly’s total net worth is at present accepted to be near – 2 million dollars.

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R Kelly’s Net Worth 2023

R Kelly was born in Chicago and has spent his life in music.

His present net worth is accepted to be near – 2 million dollars. You see, R Kelly has been making music for a long time now, but his real success came when he made a mix tape for famous rapper Jay-Z. That mix tape became very popular and helped land R Kelly’s name in the public eye.

R Kelly Net Worth

After working with Jay Z and starting a major hip-hop label, he got into music production and then released a number of albums ever since including his latest album “The Buffet” which has become one of the best sellers in the country this year. In its current sale, it has brought over $ 5.1 Million in sales so far, not bad at all!

Early Life

Kelly’s childhood was troubled by poverty and harsh family conditions, but he turned out to be a talented singer; however, the label that signed him never saw that talent as anything but grounds for lawsuits.

He accumulated his fortune through his music career, acting, film production, and television. He has been vocal about the fact that many of his songs were based on true events that happened to him or other people close to him in his life.

R Kelly Net Worth

In 1982, R. Kelly (a.k.a. Robert Sylvester Kelly) was arrested for sexual abuse, which he pled guilty to in 1998, and served one year on probation. The following year, R&B singer Aaliyah would pass away in a plane crash, leaving Kelly devastated. In 2004, he was acquitted of 21 counts of child pornography, which helped him become more popular among his fans. His songs are some of the biggest hits in music history and money can’t buy happiness like money can buy your freedom from madness…

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Age, Weight, and Height

R Kelly’s weight is 85 kg, making him of height 1.85 m and age 55 years old.

  • Age:        55 Years 
  • Weight:   85 kg 
  • Height:    1.85 m


Kelly rose to fame in the mid-1980s with 12 of his songs included on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His collaborations with producer Louis Walsh and his manager Lester Mendez helped establish him as one of the most significant artists of the ‘80s on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

After recording his debut album, Kelly made a name for himself with hits such as “Bump N’ Grind,” “She’s a Rage,” and “I Believe I Can Fly.” While his albums had little commercial success, they nonetheless established Kelly as a pioneering figure in contemporary hip-hop music. In addition to his own recordings, he collaborated with other artists including Jay-Z on their duo record “Unplugged (The Interview)”. His songs have been featured in several movie soundtracks including The Sandlot Movie Soundtrack.

R Kelly Net Worth

In 2016, he performed at the halftime show for Super Bowl 50 broadcast on February 8. After the performance, his single “I Don’t Believe You” charted at number one on Billboard Hot 100.

His net worth includes earnings from his eponymous record label as well as merchandise sales and royalties from his string of hit R&B recordings. He is also known for being the subject of multiple sexual misconduct allegations, which have resulted in numerous lawsuits filed against him by women who claim they were abused by him.

In his autobiography, R. Kelly’s Words, the singer claims that he was often abused by a woman. However, the woman has not been identified.

FAQs of R Kelly’s Net Worth

Q- What is R kelly’s net worth in 2022?

A- R Kelly’s total net worth is at present accepted to be near – 2 million dollars.

R. Kelly has been hit with a lot of troubles over the years, including charges of sexual misconduct and other crimes. 


There has been so much trouble caused during his success that it has cost him dearly in the form of legal fees, selling off assets, and no longer being able to tour, not to mention how much public ridicule has come his way.

He has been forced to pay huge and hefty amounts in regard to lawsuits and legal proceedings which have caused his net worth to decrease. He still owns houses, and cars but not as much as he used to, and most likely will never reach that height again because of all the scandals.

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