Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth 2023: Biography Salary Assets

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth is a famous celebrity, entertainer, filmmaker, social reformer, and activist from the United States. DiCaprio has quite a $300 million estimated net worth. He obtained more than $300 million from wages and backend figures by himself in the 25 years respectively 1995 and 2020.

 For instance, despite earning only $2.5 million in basic pay from 1997’s Titanic, he ultimately received $40 million due to a 1.8% snip of gross backend figures. He has also made huge amounts of money through sponsorships, rental properties, and private equity shareholdings.

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What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth in 2022?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Los Angeles-based Hollywood star. He has done everything viable over time to make sure that the movies he has played the lead in are of the top standard and rank higher in the entertainment industry.

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth
Name:Leonardo Dicaprio
Monthly Income:$3 Million +
Date of Birth:November 11, 1974
Profession:Actor; film producer
Net Worth:$262 Million
Height:1.83 m

Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is said to be $300 million, and everyone has witnessed him as a hero in some amazing and phenomenal movies over the last two decades or more.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth in 2023

Leonardo DiCaprio has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Around 1995 and 2020, he earned approximately $300 million in benefits and backend figures solely.

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

For example, generally getting a base salary of only $2.5 million for the 1997 movie Titanic, he ended up making $40 million due to a 1.8% portion of the gross rear-end figures. He has also amassed a large sum of money through advertisement deals and property assets.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Early Life

Leonardo began his acting career in the Film industry as a kid, showing up in a few advertisements and roles in Tv shows. A turning point came when DiCaprio, at the age of 14, touched down a Mattel advertisement for the firm’s Matchbox cars. He emerged in advertisements for;

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth
  • Bubble Yum
  • Apply Jacks
  • Kraft Foods

and several other businesses as a young teen. Leonardo was eventually cast in the starring roles. He made guest appearances on;

  • The New Lassie
  • The Outsiders
  •  Roseanne. 

He showed up in 12 episodes of Parenthood before moving on to 23 episodes of Growing Pains.

Leonardo Dicaprio Personal Life

Leonardo DiCaprio is not currently in a relationship and does not have a marriage partner as of the publication of this blog post (December 2022).

The 47-year-old star has not yet decided to marry. Across the whole of his professional life, DiCaprio has dated a number of female celebrities and supermodels, such as;

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Bar Refaeli
  • Blake Lively
  • Naomi Campbell

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently engaged to Camila Morrone, his ongoing partner, as of December 2022.

Age, Weight, and Height 

  • Age:                  48 years
  • Weight:             87 kg
  • Height:              6’0 ft

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Leonardo Dicaprio Assets and Sponsorships

Leonardo has served as a model for Tag Heuer watches for several years, mostly in magazine advertisements. He has sponsored more businesses internationally. In Asian countries, for instance, he has done advertisements for Jim Beam. He also showed up in an advertisement for a Japanese credit-card firm, which subsequently earned him $5 million. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

In 2017, he was named spokesperson for the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD. He was an active investor in Beyond Meat, a vegetarian meat substitute firm that appeared in the mainstream in May 2019 at a $4 billion capitalization. Regretfully, by the middle of 2022, BYND’s appraisal had dropped below $1 billion.

Leonardo Dicaprio Philanthropy 

The celebrity multimillionaire has a rich legacy of contributing to a wide variety of concerns, and he is not a random person assisting the less privileged. This star has left a trail of charitable causes that have profited immensely from his kindness and compassion, including;

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth
  • Declare Yourself
  • Feeding America
  • Global Cool
  • Global Green
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Project, and numerous others.

Given the completion of Titanic, Leonardo formed the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental causes, in 1998. To be more precise, “to encourage and preserve the long-term resilience of all Earth’s residents.”

The organization provides initiatives in inclusive innovation that aims to preserve biodiversity while also preserving cohesion in unstable ecologies and societies through multiple coordinated efforts.

His foundation has provided over $80 million to support over 70 phenomenally competent endeavors across  40 countries since its commencement.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Career and Professional Life

Leonardo began acting in Critters 3 in 1991In 1993, he appeared to be the heroic main character in the biopic This Boy’s Life, for which he earned widespread acclaim. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? was Leonardo’s next film.

He was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting role. Dicaprio has also received praise for his roles in the strenuous dramas Total Eclipse and The Basketball Diaries.

He played the lead role in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, which earned $147.5 million records all across the world in 1996.

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

So after this achievement, James Cameron aimed directly at the 1997 movie Titanic. Titanic ended up breaking all sorts of records, received many honors, and cemented DiCaprio’s position as a hero.

In 2016, he received the Academy Award for Best Lead Actor for his performance in The Revenant. DiCaprio has also received Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor for his roles in;

  • The Aviator
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Revenant

It was officially revealed in 2017 that DiCaprio is going to play the lead character in Martin Scorsese’s movie Roosevelt.

Leonardo’s films have earned over $7 billion all across the world (without even adapting for escalation).


With DiCaprio being among the most devoted performers of this era, he has reaped the rewards that have been bestowed upon him. Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is approximately $300 million as of December 2022.

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