Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2023 Salary, Career, Achievements

Jordan Belfort has a $-115 million dollar net worth in US dollars. American businessman, speaker, author, and former stockbroker, he is also an entrepreneur. The Wolf of Wall Street, a memoir by Jordan Belfort, was published in 2007, and a movie with that name was produced in 2013. 

Jewish parents gave birth to Jordan Belfort in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City in 1962. Jordon Belfort’s net worth at its highest point has surpassed $2 billion US dollars. Over the last two years, Jordan Belfort’s wealth has grown by 40%.

What is the Net Worth of Jordan Belfort in 2023?

Jordan Belfort has a $-115 million US dollar net worth. Exclusive information was provided on Jordan Belfort’s wife Naomi, his yacht, book, and quotes.

What is the Net Worth of Jordan Belfort in 2023?
Name:Jordan Belfort
Monthly Income: $1 Million
Date of Birth:Jul 9, 1962 (60 years old)
Profession:Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Film Producer, Screenwriter
Net Worth:$150 Million
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Nationality: United States of America

Jordan Belfort is the top American businessman in the world, with a net worth of $115 million. Various internet sites (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB) estimate Jordan Belfort’s net worth to be over $-115 million. He is the most well-known American entrepreneur.

Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth in 2023

Jordan Belfort is presently working as a motivational speaker and is thought to have a net worth of around –$150 Million as of September 2023.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort’s wealth peaked in 1998 when it surpassed $400 million USD (adjusted for inflation). Jordan Belfort’s good times came to an end after reaching such a peak net worth, and the very next year, he entered a guilty plea to fraud and associated offenses in connection with stock-market manipulation.

Early Life

On July 9, 1962, Jordan Belfort was born in Queens, New York. He was born into a Jewish family. Belfort earned a biology bachelor’s degree from American University.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

The University of Maryland was where he made the decision to enroll. He left his college on his first day after hearing the following from the dean:

“The era of dentistry has passed. You’re in the wrong position if your only motivation for being here is to make a lot of money.”

Personal Life 

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Belfort and his first wife Denise divorced while he was in charge of the Stratton Oakmont company. He later wed British-born, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn-raised model Nadine Caridi, whom he had met at a party. Two kids were born to him and her. Following her allegations of domestic abuse, which were sparked by his issues with drug addiction and infidelity, Belfort and Caridi ultimately divorced in 2005.

Age, Weight, and Height 

  • Age:                     60 years 
  • Weight:                67 kg 
  • Height:                 5’7 ft

Law-related issues

Law-related issues

In 1992, Stratton Oakmont was accused of defrauding investors and manipulating stock prices by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which wanted to put an end to the company’s murky stock business. Belfort found himself out of the brokerage industry two years later. A settlement between Stratton Oakmont and the SEC included a fine for the business as well as a lifetime ban on Belfort operating in the securities sector.

The legal problems for Belfort and his business only became worse. Belfort entered a guilty plea in 1999 to securities fraud and money laundering. In an effort to reduce the length of his prison sentence, he collaborated with the authorities.

Belfort received a four-year prison term and a $110 million personal fine in 2003. During his 22-month sentence, he discovered a passion for writing. 


Belfort was raised in a Queens apartment, where he also began his sales career by hawking meat and fish. He decided to apply his sales skills in a different industry in 1987 and became a stockbroker. Belfort established his own company, Stratton Oakmont, in the 1990s.

 He became well-known for bilking investors out of millions of dollars. Jordan and his coworker Danny Porush utilized the “pump and dump” scheme to launder money. The prices of the stocks were inflated by his brokers, and Stratton Oakmont afterward sold its own shares in these stocks for a profit.

Belfort had plenty of money and a lavish lifestyle. He purchased a home, sports vehicles, and pricey toys. He began to get heavily dependent on drugs. He was at fault for multiple mishaps, including one in which his helicopter collided with his own yacht. Wow, what a life.

His second marriage was influenced by his drug use. Belfort started acting irrationally against his employees. The workplace culture at Stratton Oakmont was one of sex, substance addiction, and horseplay.

In 2003, Belfort was given a four-year prison term and a $110 million fine. He was imprisoned for 22 months. One of Belfort’s cellmates gave him the idea to write about his experiences. He spent his whole life in prison before penning his autobiography, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Today, Belfort travels the globe as a motivational speaker, sharing his story of success. He runs his own business that offers sales and market-straight line training.

Due to his criminal history and the fines he has been given, Jordan Belfort’s net worth as of September 2023 was around -$150 Million.

Jordan Belfort’s Assets & Investments

Twelve residential properties, nine automobiles, and three luxury yachts are among Jordan Belfort’s assets. Additionally, there are approximately $32 million in cash reserves in Jordan Belfort’s asset portfolio. In addition, Jordan Belfort has an $8 million investment portfolio consisting of 8 stocks. The stocks that Jordan Belfort owns are listed below.

  • Visa
  • Walmart
  • Apple
  • FedEx
  • General Motors

Jordan Belfort Cars

Recently, Jordan Belfort paid $90,000 USD for a brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulia. A Jaguar XE that Jordan Belfort also owns is valued at more than $125,000 USD. Below is a list of Jordan Belfort’s various vehicles, along with their pricing.

  • Lexus ES – $135,000 USD
  • Ferrari Portofino – $700,000 USD
  • Bugatti Chiron – $3 Million USD

Jordan Belfort House

In New York, Jordan Belfort resides in an opulent 10,000-square-foot residence. At the cost of $27 million USD, Jordan Belfort purchased this home.

Jordan Belfort Boat 

The lavish boat Nadine, which was initially constructed for Coco Chanel in 1961, was last owned by Belfort. The yacht capsized off the east coast of Sardinia in June 1996, but all of the passengers were saved by frogmen from the Italian Navy’s COMSUBIN special forces unit. Belfort claimed that despite his captain’s advice, he insisted on setting sail in strong weather, which caused the ship to sink when waves broke the foredeck hatch.

Q- What is Jordan Belfort’s current net worth?

Jordon Belfort is currently worth $115 million in US dollars.

Q- How much money did Jordan Belfort steal?

More than $300 million US has been taken from the stockholders by Jordan Belfort.

Q- How did Jordan Belfort become wealthy?

Jordan Belfort was the CEO of an investment firm that gained millions by trading penny stocks.

Q- Was Jordan Belfort’s yacht lost at sea?

The yacht owned by Jordon Belfort was lost in an Atlantic storm in 1992. The yacht has sunk not far from the French coast.

Q- Did Stratton Oakmont make money?

Over $400 million has been stolen from stockholders by Stratton Oakmont.

Q- How much did Jordan Belfort’s boat cost?

Jordon Belfort’s boat is valued at $25 million US dollars.

Q- What is Jordon Belfort’s height?

Jordon Belfort is 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.70 meters).

Q- Who is Jordon Belfort’s wife?

Cristina Invernizzi is Jordon Belfort’s spouse.


As of 2023, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is predicted to reach about $150 Million. He is currently 60 years old and travels the world giving motivational speeches.

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