Buster Douglas Net Worth [2023]: Salary, Career

The American boxer Buster Douglas is best known for his February 11, 1990, victory in Tokyo, Japan, over the unbeatable Mike Tyson.

Although Douglas is best known for his shocking victory over “Iron Mike,” he is also well known for the rapid decline in his career that followed.

Even though Douglas may not be as visible to the public as he once was, his influence on boxing history is one of the greatest underdog tales in sports history.

What Is Buster Douglas’s Net Worth in 2023?

Buster Douglas currently has a net worth of $15 million, the majority of which came from his years as a professional boxer. When Douglas defeated Mike Tyson, he received $3 million, and he also received $24.1 million for merely taking on Evander Holyfield.

What Is Buster Douglas’s Net Worth in 2023?
Name:Buster Douglas
Profession:Professional Boxer
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
Date of Birth:Apr 7, 1960 (62 years old)
Net Worth:$15 Million
Nationality: United States of America

In today’s dollars, Douglas’ purse for his fight with Holyfield would be equivalent to about $43.5 million. If Douglas had fought these fights recently, his highest career earnings would have totaled nearly $56 million between his two most well-known fights.

Buster Douglas Net Worth 2023

American boxer Buster Douglas, who is now retired, once held the title of heavyweight champion. Buster Douglas has a $15 million net worth.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

Buster Douglas is best known as the boxer who, on February 11, 1990, in Tokyo, Japan, knocked out the previously unbeaten Mike Tyson in a stunning upset. Tyson was one of the most feared heavyweight champions in history.

Early Life 

James “Buster” Douglas, whose father was William “Dynamite” Douglas, was a boxer of the second generation. Douglas was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio’s Linden neighborhood, where his well-known father managed the Blackburn Recreation Center’s gym.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

At McKinley High School during his adolescence, Douglas was a prodigious basketball and football player who helped his team win the Class AAA championship in 1977. Douglas was given a scholarship to Coffeyville Community College in Kentucky thanks to his basketball abilities.

When he started playing basketball for Sinclair Community College, his college basketball career was abruptly sent back to Ohio. At Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, he eventually played hard enough to secure himself a second scholarship to help him continue his studies and his basketball career.

Personal Life 

Douglas wed Bertha, the mother of his two children, in 1986. Douglas filed for divorce four years later, citing incompatibility and flagrant neglect of duty.

Age, Weight, and Height 

  • Age         62 Years 
  • Weight    117 kg 
  • Height    1.92 m (6’4 ft)

Health Issues 

By 1994, Douglas had been admitted to a hospital in Ohio, where he spent three days in a diabetic coma. The former champion realized that he needed to take better care of himself after emerging from his coma because failing to do so could put him in a worse situation.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

When Douglas regained consciousness, he was told he had Type 1 diabetes, was significantly overweight, and had a very high blood sugar level. By this time, Douglas’s being in fighting shape had long since passed. Douglas was shocked and disappointed in himself for throwing a “pity party” over a “silly” fight after his loss to Evander Holyfield.

Douglas’s mother, Lula Pearl, had passed away just three weeks prior to his fight with Tyson, and his father and he had a heated argument.

Douglas believed that after he won the championship and became famous, everything would get much better, but he soon discovered that fame only attracted snakes who wanted to strangle him for as much money as they could.

Buster Douglas had lost 200 pounds and started speaking out more about his struggles with mental health two years after waking up from his coma. There were other rivalries that reached a boiling point in the 1990s besides the one between James “Buster” Douglas and “Iron Mike” Tyson.


Buster Douglas’ commitment to athletics helped him earn an impressive education and gave him the chance to visit inner-city residents in various states. He would be affected by the city and his neighborhood recreation center for years to come, and it would eventually become the issue he concentrated on after retiring.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

Douglas was aware that he needed to re-enter the ring, though. He wanted to develop a boxing persona that would honor his hometown and father. At the neighborhood boxing ring, Buster Douglas was the new challenger, but he wasn’t like any of the others.

Douglas began his boxing career with a bang after receiving instruction from his father, William “Dynamite” Douglas, and defeating Dan O’Malley in just four rounds.

Before suffering his first loss to David Bey, Douglas went on to win four more fights in a row. When he went on to win six more fights in a row, his fight with Bey was revealed to be only a minor setback in his career.

In October 1982, Buster Douglas and Steffen Tangstad engaged in an extremely heated contest that resulted in a draw. Douglas had a two-year winning streak despite mostly facing more experienced and well-known boxers.

Jesse Clark was knocked out three times during this time by Douglas, who faced him three times. The matchup between Douglas and former heavyweight contender Randall “Tex” Cobb was one of the most crucial of his career to this point.

Despite the fact that both boxers gave it their all, Douglas won by a majority decision. He had his first opportunity to compete for the International Boxing Federation in this boxing match against former heavyweight champion Greg Page.

After winning the title, Douglas quickly lost to Tony Tucker in the 10th round after running out of energy. Douglas made the decision to fire his father as his trainer after this fight made it clear that he needed a new team and trainer to support him.

With the support of his new team, Douglas went on to win four straight games. He later won unanimous decisions against Trevor Berbick and Oliver McCall.

Fight with Mike Tyson

Buster Douglas faced off against one of the most dangerous boxers in the history of professional boxing in 1990 after overcoming all the other well-known opponents in the sport.

Iron Mike” Tyson was predicted to easily win the fight. The game took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the Tokyo Dome.

People didn’t even offer any betting for the event because the vast majority of those who intended to watch the fight was so confident that Mike Tyson would win.

Although most people didn’t think Douglas would stay in the ring for more than 90 seconds, he quickly disproved those predictions.

After just five rounds, Mike Tyson’s left eye had already started to swell shut from taking so many right eyes blows from Buster Douglas. Tyson’s team was totally unprepared and didn’t even bring an ice pack because they hadn’t anticipated Douglas to even land a single punch on the legendary boxer.

Tyson’s left eye was so swollen by the end of the match that he was unable to even see. Despite his wounds, Tyson continued the fight and landed a single right uppercut strong enough to briefly knock Douglas to the ground.

Tyson was knocked out cold by a brutal uppercut delivered by Buster Douglas. As a result, Douglas was able to knock Tyson out for the first time in the legendary boxer’s career with a four-punch combination to the head. The new heavyweight champion is Douglas.

After defeating Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas rose to a whole new level of fame. Tyson’s reign as champion came to an end, and Douglas was the talk of the town, receiving brand deals and merchandise offers.

Why did Douglas Stop Practicing? 

As a result of his newfound fame, Douglas attracted a slew of opponents eager to test their mettle against the man who put an end to Mike Tyson’s career. Douglas was more than willing to put on a show for them all.

Buster Douglas had managed to convince everyone that he was strong enough to defeat Mike Tyson, but it soon became clear that Douglas had fallen into Tyson’s same trap.

Their arrogance would be what put an end to both of these boxers’ careers. Douglas believed he was king of the world as a champion. He started to practice less and indulge more, just like Tyson.

Buster Douglas was involved in the first contest to end his reign as heavyweight champion in October of 1990. However, it was clear that Douglas had put on weight noticeably and could not move as quickly. Evander Holyfield was the prepared opponent in this fight, with Douglas acting as the careless champion.

It was immediately apparent that Holyfield had greater speed and power than Douglas from the start of the fight. Douglas attempted an uppercut on Holyfield in the second round.

Holyfield was able to avoid the weak attack and use it as a chance to get a close shot because he was faster than Douglas. Douglas was quickly repelled by Holyfield, who then knocked him out on his back. Buster Douglas decided to retire after that game because the defeat was so devastating to him.

Buster Douglas had a long history of depression before his disastrous fight with Evander Holyfield, but it was the end of his career that sent him into a downward spiral of binge eating and self-hatred.


James “Buster” Douglas’ CBD production started to be sold in 2019 through his business, CBD Health Collective. His business initially operated entirely online and sold products to medical professionals.

CBD Health Collective opened its first physical location in Granville, Ohio’s downtown, in September of 2021. Even the CEO, Ashley Marienau, thought that Douglas’s star power contributed to the brand’s current success. Douglas and his brother both joined CBD Health Collective. The brothers have been of tremendous assistance to the medical marijuana business.

Local sports legends like National Football League linebacker Chris Spielman have endorsed all of CBD Health Collective’s white-label goods. Buster Douglas discovered that the CBD products from this company work faster and more effectively than the painkillers he’s been taking for years.

As a boxing instructor, Douglas had his share of sore days and needed to recover quickly in order to train his students with his distinctive hands-on method. The company’s oil tinctures, gel capsule pills, and roll-on muscle gel are some of Douglas’s favorites. When choosing hemp for their product, CBD Health Collective is extremely picky.

They use hemp, and they hire Ohio residents for contract work and product manufacturing. Even the machinery they use at Apeks Supercritical in Johnstown, Ohio, to produce their extensive product line was developed by Ohio inventors. Although this may not be Douglas’s first business endeavor, it is unquestionably his most prosperous. 

What is Buster Douglas doing now?

A boxer will witness their transition from student to coach if they are fortunate enough to live long enough to retire from the sport. Buster Douglas’ preferred title, despite the fact that some may consider it to be less alluring, is coach.

In his native Columbus, Ohio, Douglas mentors young boxers at the Thompson Community Center. Many of his students are young children, and some of them begin their studies at age five.

One of his pupils, Colton Matson, even went so far as to say that, when compared to Coach Douglas, “Mike Tyson was the second-most-greatest boxer in the world to this day.” It would appear that his pupils feel the same way about him as he does about them.

Douglas works with his nonprofit organization 42 to 1 when he’s not instructing his young students in the community center. This organization focuses on creating long-term strategic alliances with those aiming to enhance diversity, soft skills, and workforce development for Ohio’s at-risk youth.

A documentary on Buster Douglas’ difficult fight against Mike Tyson was released by ESPN in 2018. The movie, also known as 42 to 1, helped bring Douglas’s cause back into the spotlight as well as his charity.

FAQs of Buster Douglas’s Net Worth

Q- What is Buster Douglas’ height?

A- He is 1.92m tall.

Q- How much does Buster Douglas weigh?

A- His weight is 117kg as of now.


Buster Douglas has experienced both success and failure, but the best feeling of all for the retired champion is being able to better his native state and pass on his knowledge of how to become a physically and mentally strong fighter to the next generation.

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